Advisory board and Maarten van der Weijden foundation call 2021

Support for projects in the field of oncology

The mission of the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation is to stimulate and support scientific or health care initiatives with the objective to ultimately prevent patients from dying of cancer and/or to improve the quality of life of patients with cancer. Each year, we will select projects for which we will jointly with the applicant to start obtaining the required budget through acquiring donations. Together with the project leader, the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation will promote the project at Maarten van der Weijden Foundation events and thus raise specific funding for the selected projects. This will enable interested donors to support their project of choice. The Maarten van der Weijden Foundation selects projects that fall in the scope with the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation mission and have been evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board. 

Below, you find the details about which type of projects are eligible for submission to the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation call 2021, the criteria that must be applied, the timeline of the procedure and the composition of the Advisory Board. 

Maarten van der Weijden Foundation call 2021

This grant is made ​​available through the fundraising activities of the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation. Projects can be submitted in the following categories:

  • Scientific Cancer projects
    • Early phase clinical studies and clinical related studies in the field of oncology
  • Cancer Health Care projects
    • Projects focusing on innovation and developments in cancer treatment, supportive care and quality of life.  
  • Ovarian cancer projects
    • This year we have an extra opportunity to fund a project related to ovarian cancer. This project must also fall in one of the above-mentioned categories and comply with the criteria that apply to other projects.

Impact for patients is crucial for the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation. Therefore, the potential patient impact will be one of the major evaluation criteria for any project proposal.

Applications submitted to the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board.

Expected project goals

Early clinical studies

Early clinical (e.g. phase I/II), or translational studies on novel preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic cancer strategies will be considered for funding. The impact for patients with cancer must be clearly described in the project proposal. Studies supported by the pharmaceutical industry cannot be considered. In addition, the applicants should make clear why the project is not suitable for funding by the pharmaceutical industry or other funding organisations.

Innovation in cancer care, supportive care and/or quality of life

Innovative projects concerned with improvements in outcome or quality of life of cancer patients. In the project, it must be indicated how and when patients are/will be involved (design of the project/application phase/project execution phase/after the project).

What can be applied for?

Maximum project duration 1-4 years

Budget guideline €100K - €400K

Budget can be requested for personnel costs (overhead costs cannot be funded), materials, travel expenses and publication costs. 

Additional criteria for Maarten van der Weijden Foundation proposals

  • You can apply only once in a given year, either as a principal applicant or co-applicant.
  • Projects must be executed in The Netherlands
  • The (pre)application forms must be written in English
  • Only applications that are submitted in the correct format will be considered. 

Submission of project proposals: a two-stage process

The procedure of application is split into two stages: 

  1. Short preproposal application

    The most promising among these preproposals will be selected for a full application by the Advisory Board.

  2. Full proposal application. The selected preproposals invited for a full application will be assessed by external reviewers. Based on the review reports, a final funding recommendation will be made by the Advisory Board.

Time line for the Maarten van der Weijden call 2021 

Deadline pre-proposals: 9 November 2020, before noon. Applicants will be informed half December whether or not they will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Deadline complete project proposals: 1 February 2021, before noon. Applicants will be informed in the second quarter of 2021 whether or not they are selected to start the joint cooperative fundraising.

Composition of the Advisory Board

  • Prof. dr. Bob Löwenberg (Chair), 
    Erasmus University Medical Center
  • Dhr. M. Blanker, 
    General practitioner and epidemiologist, UMC Groningen
  • Prof. dr. P.C. Huijgens, 
    Integraal Kanker Centrum Nederland (IKNL) 
  • Dr. J. Stouthard, 
    Nederlands Kanker Instituut-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (NKI-AvL)

Submission and contact information

You can submit your pre-proposal before 9 November 2020 at noon using the pre-application form to Please download the form below.

If you have any questions about the call, please contact: